Synovate HA 3.785L (KER)


Liquid sodium hyaluronate for horses

Product Details

Ingredients/ Construction:

Contains Sodium hyaluronate which is a glycosaminoglycan that is an important structural component of joint cartilage and is responsible for the viscosity (thickness) of the synovial fluid.

Features & Benefits:

Why Choose Synovate HA?
Delivers high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate for horses in an easy-to-administer liquid.
Hyaluronic acid plays a vital role in maintaining the health of connective tissue and optimizing normal joint function.
Contributes significantly to maintenance of cartilage health and elasticity, joint fluid viscoelasticity, and lubrication of the entire joint mechanism.
Contains anti-inflammatory properties, which are useful for high-motion joints.
Assists with supporting equine athletes through the rigors of training and competition.
Provides the nutrients that match the known attributes of hyaluronic acid found in the horse’s body.
Synovate HA uses a fermentation source of sodium hyaluronate derived from nonanimal substrates.

Directions/Instructions for use:

63 serves*



Pack Sizes Available:

Available in 946mL & 3.785L Bottle


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