Steady Steed 2L (BetaVet)


Helps reduce stress and release muscle tightness.

Product Details


Each 20ml dose contains dried herb equivalent: Californian Poppy herb 2500mg, Passion flower 2000mg, Hops flower 1875mg, Chamomile flowers 4500mg, Licorice flavour, contains vegetable glycerine. Tested free of caffeine.

Features & Benefits:

Calming herbs can help moderate certain behaviours or help the horse adjust faster to stressful things. Two well researched herbs Chamomile and Hops of medicinal grade are blended in Steady Steed to help reduce stress and release muscle tightness. Along with Californian Poppy and Passionflower, this combination helps reduce biochemical reactions that create the “fight or flight” hormones such as adrenalin that causes the highly strung behaviour associated with stressful events.

Directions for use:

After loading dose give in early morning for best results. Give in feed or by oral syringe. Dosage can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. Not for long term use. For best results load dose by giving twice daily for four days initially


Give 20ml initially two times daily for 5 days.

Pack Sizes Available:

250mL, 500mL, 1L, 2L, 4L & 10L Bottles.


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