Sputolysin Powder 420G (Boehringer)


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Sputolysin® alters the constituents and viscosity of abnormal respiratory mucus and improves the efficiency of the respiratory tract clearance mechanism. A secondary antitussive action has also been demonstrated. The effect on mucus can change the character and frequency of a cough and alter the consistency and quantity of nasal discharges. Therefore, in some cases, there will be an initial increase in visible nasal discharges and/or frequency of cough prior to clinical improvement.


  • Symptomatic treatment of acute, sub-acute and chronic respiratory disease of the upper and lower respiratory tract, where abnormal mucus of increased viscosity is present and where secretolysis is necessary or desirable.


  • Pronounced expectorant effects
  • Secondary antitussive action
  • An increase in the anti-atelectase factor which compensates for decreases in lung surfactant (lowered surface tension in the alveolar region caused by stress and disease)
  • Increased lung compliance
  • Concentrations of antibiotics in lung secretions



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