Red Hot Spray 1L (Kelato)


Convenient and effective spray that guards against crib habits

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RedHOT liquid is a special formulation of soap, spices and flavouring to stop horses (and other animals) from chewing on various surfaces. RedHOT liquid is highly efficient for windsuckers or cribbers. It is effective in coating hard surfaces such as stables, trailers, fencing, kennels and other places animals like to chew, and the brush-on pack is particularly helpful if there is a risk of overspray or there is a need for precise application.

RedHOT liquid contains a special formulation of soap spices and chilli flavouring.

‘Wind sucking’ or ‘crib biting’ is a technique developed by a horse where it anchors its top teeth on a rail or post, arches its neck and gulps in air. This is unfortunately a pleasurable sensation for a horse due to the endorphin release and expansion of the stomach which makes the horse feel content and satisfied. The ‘wind sucking’ technique often leads to excessive teeth wear, and in bad cases, the top front incisors may be worn away, causing difficulties in grazing on shorter pasture. Swallowing large amounts of air can also lead to digestive upset and poor condition due to interrupted feeding and loss of appetite as a result of the stomachs ‘full’ feeling. Not only is this dangerous to the horse, but the replacement of damaged stables or rails can be very costly.

RedHOT liquid can deter your horse from carrying out such a technique through simple application on the surfaces used for ‘wind sucking’.


Directions for Use

  • Before use, an inconspicuous area of the surface for treatment should be tested. The liquid can be removed with a light scrubbing of soapy water if applied incorrectly. Apply liberal amounts to the areas you wish to protect. RedHOT liquid does not stain. Re-apply as needed.
  • On porous surfaces (eg some timbers) RedHOT liquid may be absorbed and not provide the effect expected. In these circumstances, add a viscous household detergent or glycerine if available in a ratio of 10:1 RedHOT liquid to detergent or glycerine to create a mixture that will remain on the surface of the material being chewed by the horse.



RedHOT liquid is a safe, non-toxic formula, RedHOT liquid can be removed with light scrubbing and soapy water if applied incorrectly, RedHOT liquid is very effective for ‘windsuckers’ or ‘cribbers’ and the unique detergent blend helps RedHOT liquid to adhere to surfaces and provide an effective result





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