Proplaits 250ml (NRG)


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ProPlaits invisible mist makes plaiting easier and quicker.   It keeps plaits looking natural & holds hair in place, without the tell tail signs you may get from using mousses and gels.   Hair misted with proplaits is soft to touch and sits nicely when hoods or neck rugs are used.

A little ProPlaits goes a long way, & the handy spray bottle fits neatly into most pockets for easy use whilst plaiting.

Directions for Use

  • Dampen the mane & lightly mist on ProPlaits.  Divide the mane and plait.  Alternatively, mist ProPlaits on to dry hair and plait.  When plaiting the day before events, or when hoods are used, mist ProPlaits over the completed plaits to avoid “spiking” or “fluffing”.  You will be delighted how well ProPlaits holds plaits in place under neck rugs or hoods.


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