Neutramax 1L (Ranvet)


Mild Diuretic & Urinary Buffer for Greyhounds

Product Details

Ingredients/ Construction:

Active Ingredients per L:
Sodium Citrate Dihydrate 280g, Citric Acid 93.4g

Features & Benefits:

Specifically formulated for greyhounds
Aids in the treatment and prevention of dehydration and acidosis.
Rapid utilization and acid neutralization improves recovery rate following strenuous exercise.
Balances blood pH for optimum performance.
Able to be used in conjunction with standard daily electrolyte supplementation of Ranvet’s Salka-lite.

Directions/Instructions for use:

Ensure greyhounds have access to cool, clean water at all times.
Greyhounds suffering from dehydration also require a daily dose of supplementary electrolytes.


Based on 30kg greyhound:
DAILY DOSE: 3mL mixed into food or water when greyhound is in hard work.
AFTER RACE DOSE: Add 5mL of Neutramax to the first 1 or 2 meals after racing, handslips or trials or administer directly into the mouth by dosing syringe.

Pack Sizes Available:

Available in 1L & 5L Bottle.


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