Nervaid Paste 60ml (Vetsense)


Formulated with L-Trypyophan which may reduce aggression and ‘flighty’ behaviour.

Product Details

Ingredients/ Construction:

Each mL contains;
300mg L-Tryptophan
100mg Thiamine HCL (Vitamin B)
100mg Magnesium Proteinate
20mg Riboflavine (Vitamin B2)
10mg Pyridoxine HCL (Vitamin B6)

Features & Benefits:

A nutritional supplement for horses that may aid in nerve and muscle functions.
It may also assist in reducing nervous behaviour in horses.
Formulated with L-Tryptophan to help reduce aggression and ‘flighty’ behaviour as well as providing B-group vitamins and magnesium to stimulate appetite and improve muscle function which may contribute to general wellbeing.

Directions/Instructions for use:

Can be given in feed or as recommended by a veterinary surgeon.


Give 20mL daily (based on 500-600kg adult horse) preferably within 4 hours of travel or exercise, or as directed by a veterinary surgeon.

Pack Sizes Available:

Available in a 60mL Syringe.


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