Muscle XL 2.5kg (Kohnke’s Own)


Muscle Amino Acid Supplement, with Vitamin E, for Horses

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Suitable for gallopers and pacers in pre-training, especially ‘slabby sided’, ‘flat rumped’ horses. Racing horses prior to and after hard racing to provide supplementary amino acids to assist muscle recovery. Equestrian horses – for ‘top-line’ (dressage, hacks, lead-in show and halter horses). Endurance horses – provides amino acids to help counteract muscle break down during long distance riding. Yearlings for sale preparation – helps ‘top-line’and physical appearance with 3 weeks of supplementation – not fat! A rich natural source of Branched Chain Amino Acids to assist muscle recovery on grain and hay based diets..
Muscle XL contains
  • High Protein Whey Isolates to provide high levels of natural branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s), with glutamine, lysine and threonine specific for optimum muscle function.
  • Vitamin E at 500IU/60g helps correct low dietay intakes to assist muscle growth.
  • Organic Sulfur (MSM) at 500mg/60g provides bioavailable sulfur to assist the synthesis of important sulfur-containing amino acids in muscle tissue.
  • Organic Zinc at 210mg/60g is essential for incorporation of amino acids to facilitate muscle development.



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