Leather & Saddle Oil 1L (Equinade)


Saddlery oil with natural ingredients.

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  • Equinade Original Leather & Saddle Oil is an all natural product that cares for natural fibres of leather. Made from a unique blend of waxes, lanolin and oils that offer a highly effective way of softening and penetrating leather.
  • Regular use of Equinade Original Leather & Saddle Oil will preserve and protect your leather goods naturally.The leather fibres will remain soft and supple for comfortable use and will ensure your leather goods will have a long useful life.
Directions for use
  • First clean the surface with Equinade Liquid Leather Soap or Equinade Glycerine Leather Soap. Using a softpaint brush, apply Equinade Original Leather & Saddle Oil lightly and evenly to both sides of the leather. Allow to absorb then buff with a soft cloth for a natural looking finish. To seal and protect from all weather conditions apply Equinade Leather dressing.


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