Kleen Sheen 5L ( Kohnke’s Own )


Shampoo with built-in conditioner and colour highlighter


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Product Details


  • Saves time in washing – non-soap formulation quickly foams to lift out dirt and scurf.
  • Saves elbow grease in lathering – easy foam shampoo – even in ‘hard’ water.
  • Saves water in rinsing – no suds – rinses out with one pass of the hose.
  • Saves money – more washes per bottle – average 60mL to shampoo a horse!
  • Saves environmental pollution – biodegradable, non-soap shampoo.
  • Saves on conditioners, brighteners, silicons as well!
  • Silicon enhanced for the brightest sheen
  • Built-in conditioner for the softest coat
  • Foaming shampoo (no suds) for the quickest wash
  • No residues or scurf means faster rinse out and less water
  • Advanced highlighter for enhanced coat colour
  • Biodegradable – saves the environment


Handy Hint: Wet the horse all over. Apply 20 mL Kleen-Sheen® to each area of the mane, the backline and tail. Massage lightly over the skin to foam – no suds! For soiled white areas – rub in a small amount of Kleen-Sheen® neat from the bottle – then rinse the whole body over with one pass of the hose – scrape off to finish. Saves water, time and the environment