Kelatolyte Electrolyte Replacer 8kg (Kelato)


Electrolyte that can be given in a drench or mixed with apple sauce and added to feed

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Dehydration can have serious consequences for any horse, any time of the year. Inadequate water intake and electrolyte imbalances can cause poor performance, fatigue, muscle stiffness and even colic.

Whether sweating hard in summer or not drinking cold winter water, KelatoLYTE is a superior electrolyte replacer to help all racing, performance, sport and endurance horses.


  • KelatoLYTE is scientifically formulated to mimic the actual composition of equine sweat. KelatoLYTE prevents poor performance due to sweat loss by replacing the electrolyte minerals lost naturally through sweat.
  • When used as directed, KelatoLYTE assists in maintaining the body’s acid-base balance, fluid balance and circulatory functions, triggering nerve functions and facilitating muscle contractions.

The Benefits

  • Scientifically formulated to mimic the actual composition of equine sweat; replaces what is lost
  • Contains more electrolyte minerals (88%) and less filler than competitive products
  • KelatoLYTE’s higher concentration of potassium prevents a decrease in muscle strength
  • Contains no bicarbonates and does not contravene the rules of competition
  • Will encourage drinking and facilitate fast rehydration; apple flavoured
  • Can be used as a daily supplement, an isotonic drench or as an electrolyte paste

Directions For Use

  • For light sweating, feed 30g daily. Increase to 60g daily for moderate sweating or 90g daily for heavy sweating.
  • For better absorption, split daily dose into two feeds. Always ensure a supply of clean, fresh water is available when using KelatoLYTE. Do not add KelatoLYTE to the horse’s water.
  • For use as an isotonic drench, mix 60g of KelatoLYTE in 5L of water. Always consuly with your veterinarian before using and electrolyte drench.
  • Electrolyte paste can also be formed by mixing 30g of KelatoLYTE with water or apple sauce. Electrolyte paste should not be used on dehydrated horses or those refusing to drink.

PACK SIZES: 3kg / 8kg / 18kg


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