Joint Guard 1.5kg (Ceva)


Promoter of cartilage synthesis, repair and protection

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Joint Guard for Horses is designed for daily administration in the diet to help prevent cartilage degeneration by supplying all critical components on a daily basis.This is a chondroprotective (joint protective) effect.


  • provides essential components required for joint cartilage repair and maintenance
  • is a regular daily administration for a protective effect
  • aids in production of normal healthy cartilage matrix and of synovial (joint) fluid
  • is a powerful therapeutic agent in cases of existing joint cartilage damage.
  • provides raw materials and co-factors necessary for cartilage repair and maintenance

Directions For Use
Give Joint Guard at a dose rate of 40g daily mixed in feed for a regular protective and preventive effect.
By using low daily preventive doses from an early stage it is possble to avoid the expense of administering very high doses of product after any injury in an effort to achieve high blood levels rapidly.
In the event of existing cartilage damage where therapy is required, it is recommended that the daily dose of Joint Guard be increased for an initial period of 6-8 weeks to ensure rapid availability of all essential raw materials, and rapid response.

Pack sizes: 1.5kg / 5kg


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