Hoof Seal 500ml With Brush (Kohnke’s Own)


An aid in prevention of dry, cracking hooves.

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Product Details

With Breathable, Biodegradable Polyurethane. A world first formulation containing natural protective wood oils and porous, breathable, biodegradable POLYURETHANE that provides a thin, wear resistant film which helps to minimise moisture variations within the hooves to help prevent drying out and cracks in hot weather and excessive softening in wet weather. A small amount goes a long way, and it doesn’t wear off or melt during exercise!


Pack Sizes

  • 500mL can with Brush
  • Refill can (2 Litres) with a Pull-up Spout for top-up of the 500mL can
  • Also available in 20L drums with extra cans and brushes for larger stables and studs



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