Hoof Seal 2L Refill (Kohnke’s Own)


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Hoof-Seal is an innovative hoof sealant that not only prevents excessive moisture loss, drying out and cracking under dry conditions, but also coats the hoof wall with a thin polyurethane protective layer to resist scuffing, chipping and abrasion, whilst imparting a natural shine to the hooves. This layer also acts as a physical barrier to limit excess moisture uptake through the soles and helps maintain hoof wall support under wet conditions.

Hoof-Seal contains genuine Stockholm tar and pine oil, all held in place on the hoof wall by a thin, but tough, polyurethane film.

Hoof-Seal has one other unique advantage.

It is equipped with its own plastic brush and sturdy handle attached to the lid of the container for ease of use – eliminating the mess associated with a separate brush.


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