Equitex Medicated Poultice Dressing (Value Plus)


Equitex Medicated Poultice Dressing is an easy to use, non-sterile, all purpose poultice dressing for horses.

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Product Details

Contains a mild antiseptic, Boric Acid (60g/kg) which is the main active ingredient and also contains Tragacanth (136g/kg).
100% cotton dressing with a non woven cover that can be applied to the wound or area and has a plastic cover on the reverse side to help keep the bandage together and to help retain heat (when used as a hot dressing).

Has a variety of uses and can be used as a hot dressing, cold dressing, dry dressing or even for pressure padding.
Can be cut to size, as required. Extensive trials conducted with leading equine veterinarians, horse trainers and horse studs

Dressing size

  • 20cm x 40cm



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