EasiFlex HA (Abbey Animal Health)


EasiFlex HA contains high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate which has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to maintain joint fluid elasticity and cartilage health, and aids in the lubrication of joints.


Product Details

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Ingredients/ Construction:

200mg Liquid Hyaluronic Acid

Features & Benefits:

Anti-inflammatory properties; Helps maintain joint fluid elasticity; Helps maintain joint cartilage health; Aids in lubrication of joints; Apple/strawberry flavour that horses love.

EasiFlex HA is proudly made in Australia. Abbey Animal Health is an Australian owned and managed company.

Directions/Instructions for use:

Add EasiFlex HA to feed and mix well.


15mL per 500 kg horse once daily.

Pack Sizes Available:

1L & 5L


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