E – SE Supplets 10kg (Kohnke’s Own)


E-Se Supplets contains Pink Supplet® Pellets Each 15g dose contains 1000 IU vitamin E, 1mg organic selenium, with 26mg vitamin B1 and 1.6g Magnesium.

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Product Details

Concentrated Vitamin E and organic selenium supplement with Vitamin B1 and Magnesium for horses. Each 15g dose contains 1000 IU Vitamin E, 1mg organic selenium with 26mg Vitamin B1 and 1.6g magnesium.

Suitable for horses and ponies grazing on selenium deficient pastures, horses at risk of ‘tying up’ and breeding horses.

All for around half the cost of a comparative vitamin E powder!. No sift-out – a problem with powders. No dust – a problem with powders. No nutrient interactions with trace-minerals. Can be added to wet or dry feeds. E-Se Supplets are convenient – can be offered off the hand to horses and ponies grazing in selenium deficient areas without the need for a hard feed!
Pack sizes: 1.4kg (90 x 15g doses), 4.0kg (266 x 15g doses) and 10kg packs (666 x 15g doses)


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