E – SE Supplets 1.4kg (Kohnke’s Own)


E-Se Supplets contains Pink Supplet® Pellets Each 15g dose contains 1000 IU vitamin E, 1mg organic selenium, with 26mg vitamin B1 and 1.6g Magnesium.

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Product Details

Suitable for horses and ponies grazing on selenium deficient pastures, horses at risk of ‘tying up’ and breeding horses. All for around half the cost of a comparative vitamin E powder! E-Se Supplets™ reduce wastage. No sift-out – a problem with powders. No dust – a problem with powders. No nutrient interactions with trace-minerals. Can be added to wet or dry feeds. E-Se Supplets are convenient – can be offered off the hand to horses and ponies grazing in selenium deficient areas without the need for a hard feed!