Cell Perform 4kg – (Kohnke’s Own)


A supplement specially formulated for dressage, show-jumping and eventing horses with a comprehensive range of vitamins and trace-minerals, added bone minerals, organic selenium, Vitamin E and iron to meet the demands of medium to advanced level training and competition.

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Step Up to the Next Level with Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™.

Horses need a comprehensive micro-nutrient supplement to perform at their best in training and competition. ~~Kohnke's Own® Cell-Perform™ contains vitamins, trace-minerals and bone minerals, as well as added organic selenium and vitamin E as antioxidants for muscle function and recovery when training and competing regularly. It also has extra iron (chelated for safety) for blood replenishment after strenuous exercise.
These special micor-nutrients help to maintain optimum stamina, strength, robust movement and impulsion.


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