Cell E Premium 3kg – (Kohnke’s Own)


For optimum muscle strength for all racing and performance horses and for fertility in broodmares on diets low or inadequate in Vitamin E and selenium.

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Cell-E Premium is an innovative formulation containing Vitamin E (1000iu per 15g measure) in two forms – a water soluble form and a fat soluble ‘natural’ form that is stored in the muscle cell walls and fat tissue as a reservoir of antioxidant protection. The Vitamin E is complemented by Vitamin A (Retinol) and b-carotene in dried carrot powder, organic (“chelated”) selenium, as well as Vitamin C, all of which are often inadequate or inactivated in feeds following harvest and long term storage.

Cell-E Premium as its name implies, is not just a source of Vitamin E, but contains other complementary antioxidant vitamins and organic selenium.

Cell-E Premium is a highly palatable supplement based on high protein (80% crude protein) whey powder isolates that assists selenium activity in muscle cells, and standard whey powder that adheres to the feed to minimise sift-out and wastage. Its natural carrot powder flavour is irrestible to horses.

Available in

  • 1.2 kg plastic tubs (80 x 15g doses)
  • 3.0 kg plastic buckets (200 x 15g doses)
  • 6.0 kg plastic buckets (400 x 15g doses) (Trainers Pack)


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