Bio Hoof Care & Repair 1.2kg (I.A.H)


Affects the growth and strength of hoof walls and soles

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Biotin, more than any other nutrient, affects the growth and strength of hoof walls and soles. Feeding biotin at levels well above those found in feedstuffs improves the quality of hoof growth. BIO-HOOF® CARE & REPAIR™ is recommended for horses suffering from split, shelly or cracked hooves.

There’s more to hooves than just biotin. Other nutrients needed to build hooves include zinc, sulphur and calcium. BIO-HOOF® CARE & REPAIR™ includes these trace elements to ensure the biotin can be used to its greatest advantage. Ideally a protein supplement such as Livamol or Manomix should be fed concurrently for adequate protein to build hoof wall keratin.

Hooves take time to grow. It takes time for a new, stronger horn to be produced and appear as hoof. Treatment for 3-6 months allows time for new growth to move down the hoof.


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