Bio-Bloom HF 3kg (KER)


Premium Hoof Formula Pellet for Hoof Health and Coat Condition

Product Details

Ingredients/ Construction:

Bio-Bloom HF contains a synergistic blend of biotin, organic zinc, lysine, methionine, iodine, lecithin, and soybean meal in an easy-to-feed pelleted form.

Features & Benefits

Why use Bio-Bloom HF?
Contains Zinpro Performance Minerals® organic zinc, which has been shown to enhance hoof growth
High quality biotin plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of hooves, skin and coat
Methionine, an essential amino acid, is an organic source of sulphur, which is also involved in the maintenance of hair, skin and hooves
Lecithin and soybean meal are sources of essential fatty acids that promote a shiny coat
Horses fed Bio-Bloom HF demonstrated a 23% increase in hoof growth compared to horses not receiving Bio-Bloom HF

When to use Bio-Bloom HF
Promotion of healthy hoof growth and strength
Improvement of skin and growth of mane, tail and coat
Horses with poor hoof quality
Horses recovering from acute hoof damage or laminitis

Directions/Instructions for use:

50 day supply*



Pack Sizes Available

Available in 3kg & 9kg Bucket.


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