Appetite 946ml (Kelato)


AppeTITE stimulates hunger and encourages eating when horses are off their feed

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HOW IT WORKS The concentrated dose of B Vitamins stimulates the hunger reflex in the horse making him want to eat and look for food.

AppeTITE is a highly palatable cherry flavoured liquid. It is slightly acidic; when it hits the tongue, this causes the horse to lick and produce saliva, stimulating him to eat.

AppeTITE is especially effective in performance horses or horses on a high grain diet. as they have increased risk of being deficient in B vitamins.
Maintaining appetite ensures that the horse has the energy required for competition and can maintain body condition during time of stress.

The Benefits

  • Improves horses’ eating habits
  • Easy to use – no injections
  • Highly palatable cherry flavour
  • Effect is instant
  • Can be used daily
  • A healthy appetite can help reduce the risk of gastric ulcers

Directions For Use

  • Dosage: 30mL
  • Use the measurement on the 946mL container or use a syringe to draw up the required amount and squirt over the tongue.
  • Use AppeTITE as soon as the horse comes back from work or ideally 10 minutes before feeding.
    This should result in a empty feed bin!

Pack sizes: 946mL (with dose measure) / 3.78L



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