Enerselen is for the treatment of muscular dystrophy (tying-up) in horses and dogs. ****Now In Stock***** (Kynoselen Discontinued 2014)

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• Injectable selenium treatment - Muscle protective

• Delays onset of muscle fatigue (“tying up” or cramping)

• Increases exercise and training ability

• Accurate selenium dose

Inject by slowly subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

Horses: 4 mL per 100kg bodyweight.
Dogs: 1 mL per 25kg bodyweight

Prevention: One injection each week for 2-3 weeks.
Treatment: One Injection every 3 days for 9-12 days.

There is a withdrawal period on Enerselen according to the Australian Rules of Racing.

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you delivery in country GUADELOUPE (french west indies)?

it should be ok to place an order now

You delivery in country Hong Kong

yes we send to Hong Kong Australia Post

Hi, do you ship this product in Philippines and United States?

we use australia post to airmail to US but have never sent to Phillipines

You delivery in country France ?

yes we post Enerselen to france

hi i am interested in buying some of products im in london england to you ship items here

sorry Joe, it's becoming too difficult to send supplements overseas so we only ship domestically

I live in the united States of America, can I purchase Enerselen? There is no option for delivery to the U.S.

I receive orders constantly from the U.S, only problem there is no tracking available on regular airmail, express airmail is more expensive but there is tracking available, there is rarely a problem

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